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The Rise and (Soon to be) Fall of the Nerd Movies

Movie Nerd
Movie Nerd

Hollywood loves money and there is no question about that. Over the last few years we have seen a huge rising trend in what I like to call “Nerd Movies”. In this weeks article I’m going to discuss why we’re heading towards a critical point, or singularity, where the bottom is going to fall out and leave us destitute in movies nerd culture approves of or wants to see.

It all begins here

Since 2000 with the release of X-Men marking a huge box office draw we have seen movie studios fight tooth and nail to acquire what I call “nerd IPs”. This includes comic books, book series, and other original ideas based in the same vein as the things we already find completely appealing and show love to. With the advent of being a nerd becoming cool I feel as if it has done nothing but become a detriment to our way of life. I heard people saying Nerd is the new Jock as Pink is the new Black but the real thing in question here is how awful  is this going to be in the long run?


Everyone has heard the phrase “What goes up, must come down.” and I feel that this holds true here more than anything. We all thought that America has an invincible job market and economy, then we watched it all come crashing down. What happens when these IPs run out or they start throwing everything they can out there just to catch a dollar? In 2013, we’ve seen movies like Iron Man 3, Pacific Rim, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Man of Steel release to rather big numbers even counting the negative press from critics. As nerds we take hold to things we love which is good for movie studios because it’s almost a guaranteed profit. But when will they stop trying to appease what we actually want and start popping out movies of things we love without the spit and polish required in order to turn a quick box office dollar just to pull out and spray us down like an inexperienced boy on prom night because he wanted to play just the tip? I have a feeling that time is coming soon.


I am one who caters to the big summer releases and spends around $20 to $40 per week seeing movies. I have always been a lover of film and there are some I see going in with a twinkle in my eye and leaving with a tear in the same. If you’d like an example of that I can not point out Spiderman 3 as a shining example. After I left that theater I could only imagine Sony executives doing this in the back of my mind over the twelve bucks, and 2 hours, they just robbed from me in which I will never see again.

MRW watching Spiderman 3 because they already have my money

I will punch you in the face if you act like this.

Since being a nerd became popular we have seen a huge rise in popular media even in television with shows like The Big Bang Theory to which, although I liked it initially, I can only consider it to be the nerd equivalent of Blackface. The idea of this article came to me with my initial viewing of Pacific Rim which is one of the most beautiful imaginings of the giant monster movies I grew up with in a modern day setting. As I set there in the theater in awe of the filmography, looking past the gaping plot holes, I began to think “If this is how good it can be uh…how bad can it be?”. Which is a thought that began to completely dwell in my mind like I had my own personal Mister Mxyzptlk hanging over my shoulder poking me with a hot glass shard attached to a stick.


There is a bottom of this barrel and we’ve already seen dirty bits of it flake off and float to the top. Just look at the examples:

Look at these motherfucking BATNIPPLES, it’s just not natural!

Catwoman, Elektra, Fantastic Four and it’s horrid sequel, and do we even need to talk about Batman and Robin? Batnipples and II’m done here. This is the kind of thing that I’m worried about becoming regular in order to get our hopes up for our favorite characters, series, and stories hitting the big screen just to watch in horror as it crashes and burns. Does this not bother anyone else? With the imminent release of ‘Enders Game’ I am rather paranoid that we may see the singularity I’m talking about come sooner rather than later.


It’s more than obvious Hollywood has run the well of ideas damn near dry and would rather fund reboots, remakes, and nerd IPs than anything. If you look at the releases per year since 2000 nerd movies have been on the rise and are growing in number to where they are the primary market draw every summer. The Avengers was both a huge success and a huge hit to exactly what I’m talking about becoming one of the biggest box office hits to date. That movie proved that even non-nerds, one of us one of us, can be into the same thing we are and opened up these movies to the mass market road that had been laid by movies like Batman and Ironman.


The bad news, for us at least, is that we will run out of things to make and that may happen before we see big budget adaptions of all the series we love.  Which might not be a bad thing because Hollywood hasn’t been treating us right for a few years now. We need to reach out and let our feelings be heard about these movies across social media the same way we did about DRM for consoles. If we don’t we’re going to see more money fly out of our pockets and wallets for pure dissatisfaction and disappointment. “That’s why I rent/download movies” because I’m sure that makes you feel better at night when you’re crying yourself to sleep at night because the few good movies they made didn’t make enough money to get sequels and they keep turning out more and more shit across the asswheel that is 95% of writers in LA. I love movies, I love characters, and I love being a nerd. If you love your characters get out there and voice your opinions, get heard. Make Hollywood stop churning out BS for the masses and give us what we really want.

TL;DR: Movies have gotten terrible, especially “nerd movies”. Speak up or shut up and watch the genre burn to the ground. Is it that hard for us to come up with original concepts these days?


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