Posted November 17, 2013 by Ashton Graves in PS4

PS4 Update Report: Blue Light of Death


Hardware failure: it is the scariest thing that you can imagine during a console launch and for a reported 0.4% of PS4 users, a very real thing. The first thing you need to know about the issue is that when you turn on a PS4, normally it would flash a blue light that would eventually turn white on console start up. For these users, it is continuing to stay a pulsing blue light with no transition as if to mock your attempts to use it and becoming a $400 paperweight. It’s effecting enough users that Sony posted troubleshooting tips for resolution on their website. There are no reported successful fixes from those at this time. The solution for the problem seems to be getting an exchange from the purchasing retail or through Sony, if one is available.

Fortunately and unfortunately at the same time, some users are also reporting HDMI compatibility issues like Kotaku suffered with their pre-launch test units. Luckily with those consoles, there is a pretty simple fix to the problem of the metal grating that sticks up inside the HDMI port. We here at AFK Magazine suggest fully inspecting the HDMI port on your PS4 before plugging it in as to not end up with a forever unusable HDMI cable with broken teeth prongs. Gotta save every penny, right? It is also being reported that some systems were able to be fixed via installing the day 1 patch via USB drive, which is good news for Sony.

All in all, we believe that both consoles will see problems as this is launch and the companies were hard pressed to push these systems on shelves by the holiday season. Coupled with the fact that they are taking a lot of new hardware and shoving them into tight boxes, it can almost be assured as a recipe for, even minimal, disaster. This doesn’t bode too poorly for Sony or the PS4 camp but it has pulled their Amazon product rating from 5 star to 1 star level as over 400 angry reviewers have thrown in their two cents concerning the issue. It is almost a guarantee that this problem will push forward a new wave of product shortage to the shelves making the consoles even more desirable to gamers this holiday season.

Terrible omen or blessing in disguise? You be the judge in the comments and tell us what you think!



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