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Editor Picks: 10 Best Hidden Gems XBOX 360 Edition


As we now know it, we have entered the next generation of console gaming. However, as their is not very much in the way of variety for games on the newer consoles I thought we should take a look back at the last generation of games. I’d like to discuss this from the point of view from what I considered some of the best games that no one really gave a chance last generation. You can find all of these games online and through your local game store most likely as well. We have included links to all games shown here via Gamestop. I don’t have to like it, but they have the best prices and selection on used games. I really wish I was being paid to say that too, but I’m not.

10. Dante’s Inferno


To start off this list I wanted to throw props out to a game that was the Xbox 360′s almost-sorta-kinda-answer to God of War. Although this game was released multiplatform it was the first game for the 360 to even begin contending with the likes of GoW. It had a very interesting take on the story of Dante’s Inferno and the level design was pretty well thought out. Although the game didn’t feature a bevy of different enemies to encounter, the fighting and upgrade system kept the game interesting and fun for at least one, if not multiple, playthrough.

This game is currently retailing for $19.99 new and around $6.99 used. There is almost no point in buying a copy of this game new, but it’s almost a steal going for $6.99 as you are looking at around 8-10 hours of gameplay. If you’re a big hack and slash fan, make sure to grab this one for your collection.

9. Darksiders


Darksiders is a game that had a huge campaign of advertising circulating behind it in what seemed would be a triple A title tornado of money for their publisher THQ. Unfortunately, although receiving fair to good reviews, the sales numbers were not spectacular and I feel a lot of people shied away from this game. Honestly, to be cut and dry, there is no other way to describe this game than Zelda. It’s a Zelda game with a darker vibe to it and that was all I needed to know to enjoy it. I don’t think enough games take the tried and true Zelda formula and make it work the way Darksiders did. Had this game, and it’s sequel/prequel, done better there would have been a new franchise brewing into three more games like this. Admittedly the sequel was lacking but this game is definitely one to play if you have never had your hands on an adventure game with a dungeon twist. Feel free to ignore the story along the way as it gets completely caught up in it’s own ego making all of about zero damn sense in the long run.

This game is currently retailing for $19.99 new and around $14.99 used. Both of  those prices seem incredibly steep for a game that is both out of production and the publishing company no longer exists. Will this be a THQ collectors item? Probably not unless someone is looking for the E.T. of THQ games. Save your self some cash and grab the game on Steam or through the next THQ Humble Bundle deal.

8. The Darkness

the darkness

No, I assure you I am not talking about Charlie Murphy nor will playing this game tell you what the five fingers said to the face. It will however get you a nice look at a game that was pushing the graphics of the Xbox 360 early in its life with a story based on the critically successful comic book. Oh, did I forget to mention this is the only first person shooter where you can use demon tendrils that look like eels to rip apart and eat mafia dudes? BECAUSE YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THAT. Where it does have some problems with the camera and mechanics occasionally, The Darkness is still a game that ties in a fun new way to play with a compelling story that might actually hit you right in the feels a few times.  The game also contains a few levels surely to screw with your head a little bit.

This game is currently retailing around $6.99 used and at that price for me it signifies a buy if anything, just to add it to the collection. Don’t pass up this one because the graphics still hold up even now.

Random Factoid: Mike Patton, of the band Faith No More, voices the creature known as The Darkness.

7. Resonance of Fate


Do you like guns? Anime? JRPGs with interesting new battle systems? Shooting stuff with guns? Then have I got the game for you. Resonance of Fate was a first time collaboration between tri-Ace and Sega to make an RPG game with a new type of battle system. The battle system in this game was part turn based and part real time where as all the fighting was done via guns with a lot of theatrical John Woo type shooting acrobatics in the middle. With a story that can start out slow but ends with a bang, no pun intended, Resonance of Fate was a game I pruchased on a whim after falling in love with the battle system in the demo. I will say this game is not for those who don’t have a good amount of time to invest because it is a bit of a grind and you do have a fair amount of ground to cover in terms of gameplay hours to finish.

Both new and used copies of this game retail at about $19.99 so if you have a little extra cash in your pocket and you are feeling frisky on that week off from work or school this is definitely a great way to spend it. The game can be very detailed with nice textures as long as you’re okay that they come in black, grey, and red only. You can definitely tell this game was inspired in part by Final Fantasy Tactics, but don’t let that stop you from playing it.*

*We kid, we kid…FFT was a great game…if you’re uh, into that kind of thing.

6. The Bourne Conspiracy


For those of you who really enjoy action games from a third person perspective, this one will be right up your alley. Taking place before the first movie and focusing on an area as a semi prequel or tie-in for the books, The Bourne Conspiracy is what I can only sum up as an enjoyable day of gaming. If gaming were a job, this game would be equal to one shift as it’s only about 8 hours long but packs in a lot of fun. There is a little frustration with some of the controls at first but once you get the hang of the cornering system and aiming, you’re really enjoying murdering some people with random stuff such as, oh I dunno, your secret ninja hands! Seriously, this game is as close as you can get to being Jason Bourne without actually injuring yourself.

This game is currently retailing around $29.99 new and $2.99 used. I have watched people put more money into a vending machine for a burrito that will look like shit both going in and coming out of their body. Don’t be the person breathing heavily at the vending machine staring in eager fat anticipation, just buy a copy of this game for a nice lazy Sunday instead.

5. Condemned Series


Because I feel that these games go hand in hand, I had to include them both. Condemned: Criminal Origins and Condemned 2: Bloodshot are two of the most twisted and original games I have ever played. In a first person survival horror game, supposedly inspired by Silence of the Lambs, you play a detective who must survive the underbelly of your fictitious city all while going to crime scenes and attempting to hunt down a murderer on a ridiculous killing spree. You will fight hobos, masked assailants intent on your murder, demons, and maybe even a mirror or two because fuck you that’s why. The first game is a little intense and I suggest playing it as you would Silent Hill: in the dark, tv up, middle of the night, and probably wearing depends for PPP (poop and pee protection). The second game seems to focus a lot more on the investigation aspect and will actually require you to focus and take a look at your surroundings to move forward. Want to be tripped out and scared but use your brain at the same time? Check this series out.

The original is going for $19.99 new and $4.99 used while the sequel can be picked up used for around $2.99. If push comes to shove you can always start at the second one, we don’t need to have that whole burrito at the vending machine conversation again do we?

4. Enslaved Odyssey to the West


Enslaved: Odyssey to the West was a game that not only reintroduced me into platform gaming, it also introduced me to a futuristic retelling of the tale Journey to the West written by Wu Cheng’en. The game is a pretty fast paced jump and fight fest for the most part with a deep story line that, if you’re not paying attention, will pass you right by. I never saw myself playing a game like this more than once until I found myself playing this game for almost a week straight if not two weeks straight. I unlocked almost everything you could and got the total amount of hidden secrets to assist you in putting together the real story behind the game, almost like Assassin’s Creed. The levels are huge but can be a little easy to get lost in if you’re not careful in paying attention. The enemies are pretty much all the same but it doesn’t take away from how amazingly beautiful the game is. If you need one reason to play this game it should be the visuals because even though they are much older next gen graphics, they are still stunning.

The game retails around $19.99 new and $6.99 used. This is a game I cannot recommend highly enough even if you think it might not be up your alley. Don’t believe me? The demo of the entire first level should still be up on Xbox Live so go check it out yourself and make the call.

3. Lost Odyssey


I really feel as if Lost Odyssey was the game everyone forgot about. Developed by Mistwalker studios, it was released as the first big JPRG on the Xbox 360 that wasn’t blue dragon. This was a game that had even a deeper look and feel than any Final Fantasy I’ve ever played. That’s probably because the designers were all ex Squenix employees that were not happy with the direction the franchise was moving in. “Screw this” they said “We’ll make our own game…with really depressing stories and blackjack! Actually, screw the blackjack too!”. That is exactly what they did. I am not a man who has ever cried at a video game but some of the one thousand memories you collect will absolutely turn the most manly of men into a complete train wreck as if they had to sit down and watch Artax get sucked into the swamp for on repeat for 50 years.

This game is currently retailing at $16.99 used and as a four disc set, on of the first for Xbox 360, it is a prime price point and has plenty of playtime (around 40 hours) for you to burn up. That’s around 2 hours of playtime for every dollar you spent without beginning to include all of the side things and exploring you can do in the world.

2. Split/Second


Wait, Disney Interactive made a racing game? No, Disney Interactive made THE BEST racing game for the Xbox 360. Split/Second was one of those games that, due to bad marketing, fell right under the radar among other games such as Blur, Need for Speed, and Burnout. It also put the ever loving smackdown on all of them. You play as a contestant in a reality show contest about racing and go through different tracks set up around the world in crazy places such as airplane junk yards, iron mills, etc. You power up by racing well and completing tasks and can trigger absolutely devastating and game changing effects to happen to the course in order to destroy or incapacitate other players while at the same time giving you an advantage at a possible short cut or different path. During this game you can trick an airplane into crashing into the runway of a plane junk yard destroying all those behind you or otherwise in your path. This is essentially Disney Cars meets Death Race. As simplistic as the game may sound it is one of the most glorious racers I’ve ever played and deserved a sequel which was, unfortunately, canned in 2011, THANKS OBAMA.

This game is currently retailing at $19.99 new and $17.99 used. If you’re looking for an exciting single player (never played multiplayer) experience with a racing game? This. Is. It. Don’t think twice because it’ll be gone in a…flash. Bet you thought I was gonna say Split/Second, I’m not that cheesy.

1. Wanted: Weapons of Fate


We’ve finally come to the last game on our list and I can already hear you thinking to yourself “A movie tie-in game? Is this guy out of his damn mind?”. Seeing as how almost every movie tie in game is usually a big old pile of dog shit, I understand. The one game that stood out to me as I went through the games I had played in which most people had never heard of was Wanted: Weapons of Fate. The movie itself grew on me over time and I wasa huge fan of the comic book. Playing the game was a very big surprise in two ways, it was a very short game and it was super fun. There is nothing like the feeling of elation this game brought to me than how absolutely smooth the game play mechanics were once you got the hang of them. After a full play through you could be zip dodging bullets and shooting guys above you without even blinking or giving it a second thought. I played this game until I had every single achievement which, for me at least, is incredibly rare. I recently went out and picked up a copy of this game which is what brought the idea even to mind because it was still just as enjoyable as the first time I sat down with it.

This game is currently retailing at $4.99 used. This was the game to miss for the Xbox 360 as you could easily skip right over it and never know what a joyful afternoon gaming session was. This is the only game in which level time trials ever reached out to me and made me more focused than I have ever been. I became one with this game and it taught me to be a virtual assassin with super powers.

Think I missed anything? Got any hidden gems of your own? Email me or leave it in the comments section. We love to hear from readers and the only way these articles can keep getting better is if you keep reading them!

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