Posted April 13, 2014 by Villan in PC

New Watch Dogs Technology Showcased


Following hot on the heels of the recent PC spec announcements, everybody’s favourite next big game, Ubisoft’s Watchdogs has been in the news again as NVidia showcased some of their technology and special effects in game.  A video trailer has been released with a commentary explaining exactly what you can expect from the new in-game technology, HBAO Plus.

HBAO Plus (or if you prefer the more tongue twisting Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion) boasts not only speed but a better way of showing lighting and shadows in very realistic forms but is also (in their own words) “significantly better than previous technologies”.  You can see a marked difference between what current technologies are doing and the effects in the new Watch Dogs video, and you can see it on a massive and grand scale.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, as NVidia are also using the new anti aliasing technique TXAA for smaller details, which not only make for stunning visuals but significantly reduce unwanted flashing, tearing and otherwise small yet noticeable bugbears of many a gamer. Effectively this means better scenery objects such as fences, grass and trees. So just like the HBAO Plus technology it serves as a way to make the PC version of Watch Dogs that bit  more impressive.

Ubisoft have always hinted that they really want to impress with this game, and just the visuals alone are pretty breathtaking. There’s an ultra-realism not quite seen before in gaming and again, in their own words this game allows you to “see the Windy City like never before”. But of course, you can find out for yourself and discover a small glimpse of Chicago right here before the game’s May 27th Release date.


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