Posted April 16, 2014 by Chaotica in PC

PAX East: Wolfenstein: The New Order Demo Impressions

Wolfenstein: The New Order
Wolfenstein: The New Order

While at PAX East, I had the opportunity to give Wolfenstein: The New Order demo a try. This particular demo was on the PlayStation 4, and started you out in the middle of a giant battlefield where you’re being shot at. At first I tried dodging around the gunfire and grenades to get to the bunkers until the folks working the booth told me what to do to proceed. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t figure out the fact I had to run down the giant trench in the middle of the field. Once I got to the end of the trench, I went into a bunker to start taking out the automated machine guns providing suppressing fire to my troops.

I found the system to switch between using my guns and the grenades I had to use to destroy the turret a tad clunky. If you hold the button, you get a radial menu to let you choose between what weapons you’d like to use, however if you just tap it, it will switch to the grenade. Sometimes I’d hold it just a tad too long, and it’d pop the radial menu, or not long enough, and I’d blow myself up in the face with the grenade. Oops.

While moving, I got a real old school vibe with the side to side camera bob, reminding me of my Doom and Quake days. Personally, it made me mildly motion sick, which is why I only played them in fits and spurts. The gun also has a realistic recoil to it, much like the FPS’ of modern day, which was nice.

The demo itself was interesting, including a part that I again had to be instructed on how to get through. I had to shoot a guard’s feet through a slit at the bottom of a door. This required me hitting L2 and hitting the crouch button at the same time to lie down and shoot. This is amazingly harder than it sounds. Once through there, I had more fun blowing up a turret as well as a trench of death with guard dogs and multiple enemies along the way.

Like old school Wolfenstein, I could pick up armor off of various shelves as well as enemies I defeated to give me more of a buffer, as well as health packs along the way. I will say that during this demo I felt pretty ammo starved, but that may be more a symptom of the other shooters I play having ammo aplenty around the field.

Overall, I think I would give this game a pass, primarily due to the motion sickness issue. While it definitely feels like Wolfenstein in a lot of ways, it’s just not my cup of tea.