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Pocky & Pepero: Akuma no Riddle


Title: Akuma no Riddle
Alt Title: Riddle Story of Devil
Start: Apr 4, 2014
Genre: Action, School, Yuri

Just started a week or so ago, Ive already binged on the first 3 episodes. When I first read about the anime, I didnt know what to expect but of course, all i needed to know was…assassins. Cause, seriously, give me a good kick ass anime. The anime starts off with an introduction to a blue haired girl named Azuma. Complete with bad-ass title. She is sent on a mission that transfers her into a class, entitled “class black” 10th year  at Myoujou Academy, a private girls’ boarding school, which consists of  11 other girls. 10 assassins and 1 target.

Akuma no Riddle

Getting interesting eh? The thing about it is, is that everyone knows everyone elses position. The target has been identified as the cheerful Ichinose. Obviously, the girl who wants to befriend everyone. Yet, in the span of about 2 episodes, Azuma gains feelings for the target and swears to protect her. Deep. real deep. I mean it.

Akuma no Riddle

But it gets deeper. Some of the other girls arent just assassins, but serial killers as well. Which makes things even more fun! The character line up is… just… well. They all want to kill. Some a little more psychotically than others. There’s  only 3 episodes so you only get a glimpse of the development going on here but, let me just say we have a few crazy girls on our hands.

Akuma no Riddle

Of course there are some ??? lying around but hey… its only the 3rd episode. Like, that dude with the dice. Who is this mo-fo? And the chick who’s watching all this unfold… hmmm. Its a mystery.