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Andy Moore

"I'm just a regular everyday normal guy, nothing special 'bout me MOTHERF*****" -Jon Lajoie This statement is true enough, I'm pretty normal, but strange things seem to gravitate towards me. I'm that guy at the bar who meets a random drunkard, and ends up falling into some incredible adventure without even trying...

Ashton Graves

The biggest all around Nerd you'll ever meet. I'm internet famous (see ) and I'm an avid lover of comics, movies, games, and music. I'm a little bit angry and probably a little bit biased but I will always give you something to think about.

Crys Lindow

I lived in North Alabama (USA) for most of my life, but have been in South Korea for the last two years. My husband and I are huge gamers and he is the one that sparked my interest in table top gaming. I prefer consoles over PC and my favorite genre of game is Survival/Horror. I also love to read, especially anything by my favorite author, Jim Butcher.

Miky Morrison

Jaded gamer and heavily opinionated glutton of all things entertainment. Without those people in the black box that sits in the corner of my room my life would be utterly without meaning. Founder of AFK Magazine (both times) and co-founder of Split Infinity Radio.


Villan is my name, Yes, I am Villan I am, Haiku describes me Now, I never said it was good haiku, but at least this way I can claim to be more cultured than the ill tempered, misanthropic and foul mouthed gamer that I am. Expect gaming reviews, views and news from me, especially if it's Playstation flavoured. And expect to see extra letter "u's" here and there because I'm the token British person around these parts.